Getting to Koh Ta Kiev


How to get to Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev in relation to Sihanoukville


Getting to Koh Ta Kiev

Map of Otres Beach Cambodia

Crusoe Island ferry pickup location
Thanks to Canby for the map!

The Crusoe Ferry operates daily during the high season. It leaves from Otres Beach and takes less than an hour to get to the island. The journey is through semi-protected waters so you can expect a quick and pleasant cruise to the island on most occasions.


Ferry From Otres Beach

$8 per person, open-ended return ticket (if booked online here)
Departs Otres:  11:30am       Returns to Otres:  9:30am


The ferry stops in front of “Mien Mien” beach restaurant, which is directly opposite “Wish You Were Here” guesthouse. The boat is bright orange and the crew will be waiting on the beach.


Alternative Route: Ferry From Ream Beach

$5 per person (minimum charge $15 from Dec-Mar), one way ticket 

The ferry to Ream will only operate during poor weather or if booked in advance with more than 3 people on board. It only takes 20 minutes to the island from Ream and the ferry can run at flexible times during the afternoon, but normally around 4pm.  This option is best if you have a group, have a vehicle and require parking or if you’re not going to make the 11am pickup.
If you’re coming to Sihanoukville by bus, you can ask to be dropped off at the Sihanoukville Airport. From there it’s a short tuk tuk ride to the beach where you’ll find a row of restaurants sporting hammocks instead of chairs! Look for hammock bar #41 and wait there for our boat!

Contact us to arrange pickup from Ream Beach by calling 016 452 510


Pickups & Travel Arrangements

Not everybody knows how to get past Crusoe's reef...

Not everybody knows how to get past Crusoe’s reef…

If you unsure how to get to the pickup location, just call us for help!

Unfortunately we are not able to assist you with forward travel arrangements other than advice at the bar. You can arrange these yourself in advance, but we recommend simply winging it! The boat drops you back on Otres by 10am so you have a whole day to plan your next move.

If you require a private boat, please call us to arrange it but please note that these cost upwards of $50 depending on where you are coming from.


Poor Weather

Sometimes mother nature throws a storm our way. When this happens we can’t bring the ferry up onto the beach because the surf is too rough. If it’s not too bad the boat will wait in waist-deep water and you may have to wade out to it. However if the surf is too big to approach the beach, we’ll help you get to the poor weather pickup point illustrated in the first map.  




You can find more information about getting around Sihanoukville at