Most people want to make their money stretch as far as possible when they’re on holidays, and that’s what Crusoe Island is all about. The necessary items to stay on the island are kept as cheap as possible and include “no frills” so you can decide what you want to pay for and what you don’t.

Fishing village


Most people don’t carry tents around with them when they’re traveling, so we’ve stocked up on tents and bedding just for you! Renting a good dome tent costs $10 per night and includes a mattress pillows and camping permits for two people!

Got your own tent, hammock, swag or other type of portable accommodation? We charge $3 per person per day for a camping permit.  This also gives you access to amenities blocks and camp ground facilities.



Crusoe Island has four unique bungalows set in dense jungle surroundings for the ultimate outdoor experience with all the comforts!

Bungalows cost between $15 – $25 per night.


Fresh seafood


Poor old Robinson had to survive off the land, but we’re not about to make you eat fish and leaves all day!

The Crusoe kitchen serves a wide variety of excellent foods including both Asian and Western cuisine, vegetarian dishes, fresh seafood, BBQs and a daily communal meal at dinner time.  This is optional but recommended as it’d been cooking all day!

Meals cost between $1.50 – $10.  Special meals, group catering and packed meals are also available.  You can download our menu here.

We’ve made sure to put a few options in the menu for the budget-conscious, but also serve feasts and banquets for those who want something really special…



The Crusoe bar is situated right by the beach and surrounded by hammocks! Drinks are served all day and costs are comparable to other bars. Beers are $1.25, mixed drinks start at $2.50 and wine starts at $3.00.


Activities/Hire Shop

There’s always something to do at Crusoe

If by chance you get sick of sleeping, relaxing, eating and drinking we have a great variety of activities for you to do while you’re on the island.  Many activities are free, but some require hiring of equipment, tools or a guide.  Hire rates are kept very reasonable and daily rental works out to very affordable.